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Computer assisted adjusting is safe, gentle, reliable and effective for fast pain relief.


At Saratoga Chiropractic we have computer assisted analysis and adjusting for fast pain relief. Computer assisted adjusting is gentle with no twisting, popping or cracking. The Pro Adjuster uses a piezoelectric sensor to assess each bone of the spine and find the specific problem areas which the doctor sees on the computer monitor. The Adjuster then gently restores proper motion to the restricted joint with a repetitive osculating motion until motion is restored to the area relieving pain.


The adjustment takes place flexed forward, and supported in a chair, making it comfortable for people in acute pain or pregnant women. There are many people suffering with acute injuries which make it difficult to get on and off of a traditional chiropractic table. The Pro-Chair relieves this discomfort by allowing the patient to relax in a seated forward, fetal style position.  In addition to comfort, the chair allows the joints to be flexed open into a position perfect for an effective adjustment.

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